All Glass Vacuum Tube

    As the main component of a solar water heater, the allglass vacuum tube is built like a thermos bottle, with avacuum between the inner and outer tube. The outertube is transparent allowing light rays to pass throughwith minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with aspecial selective coating which features excellent solarradiation absorption and minimal emittance.



Heat Pipe



  • Excellent quality copper tube material

  • Processing


Coated Steel Tube


  • High-temperature coating technology is a patentedprocess owned exclusively by Himin Solar;

  • Absorption and emittance are up to 95%(AM1.5) and8% respectively. The solar selective absorbing coatingon the surface of coated steel tube can operate withoutdegradation at temperatures up to 300?--350?.

  • Stringent control mechanisms continuously check theproduction process to guarantee both high quality andextremely tight geometrical tolerances.